Our clients and partners frequently select services that assess needs, evaluate performance, increase performance results, enhance communications,  create customer service excellence, build technical skills, develop effective leaders, help to manage change and transition, improve business organizations, make government more effective or responsive, grow industries, develop and sustain economies, outsource business functions, and produce funding alternatives.

Working in Partnership to Build Economic Opportunities That Sustain Communities:

Among our frequently requested economic development services are developing industry partnerships; industry surveys; customer satisfaction surveys; branding local and regional economies; designing and facilitating industry focus groups; mystery shopping (anonymous assessment of employees who interface with customers (particularly those in retail, hospitality and tourism, and government sectors; developing regional and international partners; building niche markets for regional and international economies;  and developing proposals to secure funding for project initiatives sponsored by state and federal agencies and private foundations

Working to Build and Sustain Growth Organizations and Their Workforces:

Business organizations and government agencies often request assistance with employee focus groups; organizational and employee needs assessment; organizational analysis and development; surveys for various employee and customer purposes; mystery shopping (serving as a customer to assess customer skills); performance and project management training and assessment services; management training skills; building an executive team; development of  internal and external customer service initiatives; design and implementation of sustainable employee reward and recognition systems; coaching and mentoring; employee skill development at all levels; technical skills; developing specific criteria for promotional career ladders; communication skills; business ethics; resolving workplace conflicts; and teambuilding

Services Customized for Government Agencies:

In addition to all the services that are available to both business and government organizations, several may be customized for local, state, and federal agencies.  Lean government demands that agencies and their employees operate efficiently to meet departmental goals and standards.  Of particular interest to such agencies are services to provide mystery shopping;  focus groups to determine needs; project and performance management skills; departmental management skill certification for new managers; cost-saving train-the-trainer workshops; team skills for managers and employees at all levels; coaching new employees; use of retired managers as mentors; making use of internal consultants; government ethics in practice; green standards for contracting and operating services; serving and satisfying taxpayers as agency customers; identifying additional funding sources for pilot projects and good government initiatives; proposal development

Building Partnerships For and With Higher Education:

There are many ways that colleges and universities can enhance their extension and engagement components to benefit community partners, as well as the campus community and its internal operations.   Contact Momentum for Results to discuss how we can work together to assess your community engagement initiatives.   Relationships that help a campus to fulfill its mission to assist and engage with its constituent communities include such outreach initiatives as building economic and workforce development partnerships with business and industry; extending certificate and licensure services to statewide industries; and reaching a worldwide audience by partnering with developing countries to write proposals that secure funds for sustainable development projects, creating more cultural and learning exchange opportunities for students and faculty. 

Within the campus community, Momentum for Results can assist colleges and universities to develop sustainable external and internal customer service programs that enhance the campus culture, as well as improve communication among faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  Moreover, such initiatives enable campuses to become models of service excellence that improve community relations, produce results for student recruitment, increase the success of advancement programs, and encourage greater alumni engagement.  Through surveys, focus groups, and other assessment activities, we help assess your campus needs and develop customized initiatives that produce tangible results and benefits.